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Management of business development

zarządzanie rozwojem przedsiębiorstwa
Management and development of companies

Strategic development management - analysis and forecasting

Running a company for an outside observer seems to be a rather simple process. This is due to ignorance and unawareness of the existence of a whole range of factors that affect the ultimate success of the company. And yet, many companies have failed in the marketplace due to a sudden and unforeseen growth, which instead of scaling the value of the business, generated growing organizational, structural and legal problems. However, these types of mistakes can be avoided. YUZU ASSETS supports companies through enterprise growth management.


Enterprise development management - services and support


Efficient business development management is a difficult and multi-level process. Even a perfect product or service cannot defend itself on the market, if it is not supported by a well-prepared organisational background.


We offer support in managing at every stage of business activity.. We support both novice entrepreneurs who want to establish and organize their business from scratch, as well as already functioning entities struggling with organizational problems or looking for optimization of business processes. We understand perfectly well how important for the development of the company is also the correct organization of legal issues.




Communication is the key to optimal business model


Our experience in this field allows us to prepare an analysis of the existing norms of the law in force. We propose and implement solutions aiming at fulfilling all necessary conditions to achieve optimal model of company's functioning. Since, according to our assessment, cooperation based on dialogue brings the best results, we focus first on improving internal and external communication in the company,as well as as discussing current needs and problems.


Support for startups


More and more often you can meet ingenious startups that storm the market with revolutionary solutions. These are usually small or medium-sized teams that, thanks to their knowledge and innovative concepts, create a product or service with huge potential for scaling and high profit. But just as often startups fail due to errors in the organization, which is why startup management service,, supported by our specialists, becomes so important. In the initial stage of business, it is also hard to get the necessary funds to complete the project. YUZU ASSETS will therefore help you get funding for your business..


We do not ignore even the smallest negligence


Even the smallest organisational problems in a company are a reason to verify the current business model. Seemingly harmless negligence may turn into a serious obstacle to healthy functioning of the company. On the other hand, more serious failures may lead the company to the brink of bankruptcy - in such situations we come to our customers' aid by means of crisis management..