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We support and invest in the development of Polish and foreign companies

We are a capital group focused mainly on investments. We operate on European markets, in Panama and the USA. We protect companies from bankruptcy and progressive inflation. We specialize in real estate, land commercialization, management and restructuring of companies, diversification and allocation of capital. We sell and invest in startups and cryptocurrencies.

Who we are

We care about smart and safe business management

We provide support for people who want to diversify their capital and manage their business safely. YUZU ASSETS is formed by experts in many fields of economics, technology, sales - financiers, lawyers, engineers, architects and entrepreneurs. We will help you to invest wisely, manage your resources efficiently, secure yourself in case of a crisis, increase sales.

Resilient to any crisis

We aim to thoroughly analyze the market and recognize our clients' individual needs. We develop several alternative solutions so that no crisis situation can surprise us.

A strong team for difficult times

We offer expert knowledge and experience gained through years of implementing successive projects. We will ward off the specter of impending bankruptcies, bad investments and lack of a stable financial perspective. We will give you peace of mind in hard times.


Spread your wings by betting on knowledge
stawiając na wiedzę

We provide professional assistance in solving difficulties, including the regulation of legal issues. In business relations, we focus on communication, detailed discussion of the needs and current problems of clients.

Sales outsourcing

Reach potential customers with the help of our sales channels.

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Cost optimization

We analyze expenses, propose and implement cost-cutting strategies.

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Market and competition analysis

Monitorujemy działania konkurencji i opracowujemy dokumentację strategiczną.

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Crisis management

We act preventively. We create procedures and minimise risks.

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Successful business plans

We verify the organisational assumptions and actions taken by clients.

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Corporate team building

We support the process of building an engaged sales team and department.

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We meet the changing world

To keep up with the fast-paced world, along with rising inflation, you need to invest wisely. At YUZU ASSETS we know how important it is to diversify your portfolio. If you are an investor wondering how to find your way in the world of modern technology, real estate and crippling inflation, you have come to the right place. We are a company that focuses only on proven solutions: investments in valuable real estate, promising startups or photovoltaic installations, which are the future of energy. The fundamental objectives of our actions are diversification and securing the interests of the client regardless of the circumstances and maximization of profits, which should be one of the most important strategic elements of any company. We discover new areas of activity for our clients, and after expert analysis we make existing ones even more efficient.

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