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We will invest in your startup!

Are you a young entrepreneur and your company is just starting its adventure on the market? You are in the right place! Investing in startups is our domain, and YUZU ASSETS' support is not limited to raising the required capital. We offer assistance in many areas crucial for the development of any enterprise. We combine investment, legal, and accounting advisory services, which allows us to provide comprehensive services to the most demanding customers. Managing a startup is a task that requires experience and responsibility, so it is important to choose the right company with practical knowledge and specialists in this area. Come and find out that YUZU ASSETS team is the best choice.
Start-up management to zadanie wymagające doświadczenia i odpowiedzialności, dlatego tak ważny jest wybór odpowiedniej firmy posiadającej praktyczną wiedzę i specjalistów w tym zakresie. Przekonaj się, że zespół YUZU ASSETS to najlepszy wybór.

inwestowanie w startupy

Investing in startups - what do we offer?

  • Financing - we invest our own capital, buy shares, as well as help in finding an external investor who will offer our client optimal terms of cooperation.

  • Legal services we provide constant contact with our legal department. In business as in life: prevention is better than cure. Therefore, taking preventive measures is much more effective than solving problems when they become a real threat to the company.

  • Administration seemingly it does not seem to be something complicated or particularly important but the success of a modern company depends among others on whether the right information reaches the right place at the right time.

  • Accounting assistance we specialize in tax optimization. We prepare documents and contact the authorities on your behalf, saving you time and money.

  • Business plan we help you create a complete, viable business plan that maps out your investment objectives and verifies your intentions as they are realized. który mapuje cele inwestycji klienta oraz weryfikuje zamierzenia w trakcie ich realizacji.

  • Marketing one of the most important steps for a startup to turn an out-of-the-box vision into real business success. We offer help in building a marketing department in the company, training employees and support sales through our own distribution channels.

  • Acquiring customers and markets regular customers are not enough. Stagnation in business means regression. In order for your company to grow, you need to take care of regular acquisition of new markets. We help you acquire customers using proven and innovative tools.

  • Investment consulting are you afraid of new investments or are you not sure whether they are right? Together we will find the best solution - we will make a full analysis, indicate the strengths of the investment and potential risks.

  • Tokenization the market today allows you to tokenize all kinds of assets, reducing the cost of their transfer. With the development and adoption of blockchain technology, the potential of tokens is growing. We present to our clients "how it works" and why it is worth it.

Three steps to a successful investment

Document analysis

We carefully analyze your company's documentation. We want to find out what your product is, what your exact investment objectives are, and what you need to be successful.


Due diligence

We examine your financial model, as well as the revenue and cost projections, cash flow, product sales forecast, and spending plan associated with the required investments.



After analyzing the financial model and documentation, we obtain financing for your startup. We can invest our own capital, buy back your shares or help you find an investor.

Ask for details

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