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Engineering and construction

inżynieria i budownictwo

From the idea to the acceptance of the investment

Each construction investment is a long and complicated process, requiring the involvement of many professionals and specialists. In order for the investment to be successful and meet all formal requirements, it is the safest to entrust the supervision of the undertaking to a professional company. YUZU ASSETS as the main project coordinator is responsible for the preparation and full implementation of the construction investment with the participation of our experienced engineers.


Engineering and construction from A to Z - our services:




Construction consulting, implementation and operation


The basis of every construction project is an idea, which we thoroughly analyze before putting it into practice. Preparing a business plan and construction cost estimate,we reliably estimate the investment costs, as well as select the optimum method for its implementation. Next, we help to find an appropriate design office, contractors and construction supervision inspectors. The next step is the verification of the construction designas well as a critical analysis of the documentation. On behalf of the client, we take care of formalities, preparing contracts in legal, financial and construction terms, as well as all kinds of permits and acceptance protocols (offices, services, BHP). We conduct audits of investments, signed agreements and financial flows.


Complex investor supervision


YUZU ASSETS supports entrepreneurs at all stages of the investment process, up to and including the successful launch of the investment. At the first stage of investment process we prepare the investor for the project implementation, we check and verify complete documentation. While supervising the execution of construction and finishing works, we make every effort to ensure that all activities run smoothly, on time and in accordance with formal requirements. We watch over the construction work schedule, carrying out all the necessary technical consultations. We control the advancement of subsequent works,take care of technical acceptance (general construction, sanitary and electrical) and settlement of all activities. In addition, we verify the current status of the investment in terms of the detailed design and contractor's documentation.