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There is a saying: "may you live in interesting times" - an English translation of a traditional Chinese curse. This is exactly what happened to us. We live in times when it is difficult to predict what tomorrow will bring, and making long-range plans is like a high-risk lottery. Economic instability makes it difficult to make the right business decisions, and society loses its sense of financial security. The world is accelerating, markets are going crazy, and the pace of change is accelerating, not just because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Doing business in today's marketplace today is a challenge for the strong and the resilient. The greatest threats are hidden deep, often masked (e.g., by unfair government policies or market manipulation), and only manifest themselves in crisis situations. In the current reality, even to run a small business you need a good accountant and reliable legal services, while in case of large investments, a strong, proven, competent team becomes indispensable. YUZU ASSETS gathers in one place a group of experts, each of whom has knowledge, experience and documented achievements in his/her field.


Managing and developing a company involves great responsibility, high competence, but also requires courage and determination. Business consulting by YUZU ASSETS includes a full package of activities aimed at objective and optimal support of the client after prior analysis and correct identification of problems, indication of effective solutions in the field of planning, management and business, as well as identification of new opportunities for company development and safe and smooth implementation of changes.

audyt sprzedaży

Sales audit

We evaluate the effectiveness of current sales activities and streamline business processes to increase revenue.

doradztwo inwestycyjne

Company audit

We perform financial and process audits. We examine the effectiveness of operations and identify elements in the company that need improvement.

tworzenie biznes planu

Creating business plans

We develop business plans, taking into account the financial situation, vision and mission of the planned venture.

optymalizacja kosztów

Cost optimization

We conduct a detailed cost analysis. We assist enterprises at every stage of the optimization process.

analiza rynku i konkurencji

Market analysis

We monitor the competition and their sales activities. We guarantee legal and substantive support.

outsourcing sprzedaży

Sales outsourcing

We offer support of sales and sales processes, lowering business costs. We increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

zarządzanie kryzysowe

Crisis management

Diagnosis of company financial situation. Strategy remodeling for new market conditions. Optimization of expenses. Regaining financial stability.

restrukturyzacja przedsiębiorstwa

Restructuring of companies

We protect companies against bankruptcy and the actions of creditors. We make necessary changes and rebuild relationships with contractors.

zarządzanie startupem

Startup support and tokenization

We help to sell innovative ideas. We create business plans, analyze the market, support marketing, train teams. We support tokenization.

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