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Events and catering

eventy i gastronomia

Support for the events and gastronomy industry

Events and gastronomy are industries where well calculated decisions are the key to success and constant development. That is why entrusting your fate to specialists may turn out to be a salvation for a company that struggles with the specifics of this market and the huge competition. We prepare individual solutions for specific types of business and problems that the company is currently struggling with.

Events and catering - our services


We develop brand strategy, sources of business financing and describe everything related to the activity of the facility. We deal with the planning and implementation of marketing activities. The organization of events, together with the costing of the event, is for us - nomen omen - a piece of cake. We are able to create appropriate procedures and organizational structure and optimize the investment so that it generates the highest possible profits. We organize trainings for employees,specialize in professional consulting and conductposition and management workshops. We advise on how to retain and attract new suppliers, contractors, customers and employees.



Commercial project preparation


We have the experience and capabilities that allow us to prepare a concept for dining and recreational facilities in full scope, as well as to implement it. We guarantee the highest quality of projects that are 100% aligned with the client's business objectives. We create a business plan tailored to the investor and the location. We guide the client through the consecutive stages of the commercialization process of a given facility and prepare a plan for selecting tenants.

Audits of facilities and optimization of investment functionality

We conduct
professional audits of facilities operating in the food service and event industry. We identify the reasons for the decline in revenue and customer interest, and we help you find the source of increased costs. We point out the strengths and weaknesses of the premises. On their basis we create professional technological projects,which aim to improve the functionality of the premises. We assist in starting cooperation with food service chains on the basis of license agreements. We provide support in building a franchise network. Moreover, we suggest how to use franchising in business development and achieve market success at the same time.