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Managing, investing and selling

Cryptocurrencies are becoming an increasingly popular direction for many investors who see them as an opportunity to invest and effectively multiply their capital. And not without a reason. A correct investment in cryptocurrencies can bring real benefits, but it is important to remember that the consequences of bad decisions can be very painful for our wallet.


Cryptocurrencies with YUZU ASSETS - caution is safety


In recent years, bitcoin has been triumphing in Poland and abroad, yet the topic has not yet been precisely framed in our country through the introduction of specific legislation, which would ensure greater security for investors and ease in pursuing potential claims. Therefore, we
recommend investing in cryptocurrencies only under the watchful eye of our experts.

Indeed, the lack of more precise regulations does not mean that the advice of lawyers on investing in cryptocurrencies is irrelevant, on the contrary. Before any decision is made,
legal support and accounting assistance,as well as the assistance of experienced professionals with expertise in this area, may prove to be a key aspect.


Legal and accounting support, tax savings


We provide our clients with comprehensive advice from specialists in both of the above mentioned fields. We help to dispel any legal doubts when setting up a cryptocurrency exchange or a bureau de change, we also prepare the necessary documentation to secure the newly established business, transactions or cooperation with other entities. We also offer proven solutions, to achieve greater tax savings when settling income generated from cryptocurrencies.


Investment in cryptocurrencies - a safe start and pure profit


Safety of the invested savings is the principle that we follow in our activities. Investment in cryptocurrencies can bring huge profits, however, through incompetent management often leads to loss of the earned capital. If you are taking your first steps in this field, we recommend you take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Multiply your savings with YUZU ASSETS!